MLB names major award after Heart of 29 inspiration Rod Carew


SAN DIEGO – Long before Rod Carew started the Heart of 29 campaign with the American Heart Association, he distinguished himself as one of the best hitters in baseball history by winning seven American League batting titles, the most by any player since 1920.

Major League Baseball decided it was time to honor that in a big way. So just before the first pitch of its annual All-Star Game on Tuesday, the league held a surprise ceremony to announce that, from now on, the top hitter in the AL each season will receive the “Rod Carew American League Batting Champion Award.” Read more

Voted into Baseball Hall of Fame - January 8, 1991

Rod Carew is one of the most talented players to ever don a major league uniform. During his illustrious nineteen-year career he was selected to eighteen All-Star teams. He is the all-time All-Star vote leader with thirty-three million votes - six million more than the runner-up. His career statistics explain why on January 8, 1991, he became only the 22nd player in history to be voted into Baseball's Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Read more

Rod Carew opens up about his private life and his near-death experience


SAN DIEGO — Playing alone at Cresta Verde Golf Course in Corona, Calif. on the sunny Sunday of Sept. 20, Rod Carew hit his drive off the first tee precisely where he drove so many of his 3,053 hits with the Minnesota Twins and California Angels: “Right down the middle,” he says.

It was 11 days before his 70th birthday. Stepping off that tee box, Carew suddenly felt his chest burn and his hands go clammy. Retreating to the clubhouse, he lay on the floor and asked a woman there to call a paramedic. “The next thing I saw was a man with paddles in his hands,” Carew says. “He was yelling, ‘We’re losing him! We can’t lose him!’ Then I blacked out.” Read more
"Some guys, I put myself in this category, have to snort and fume to get everything going, he's so smooth, he seems to be doing it without ever trying."
- Ted Williams
"Watching Rod Carew bat is like watching Bulova make a watch, DeBeers cut a diamond...Rod Carew doesn't make hits, he compose them."
- Jim Murray
An Artist Blessed With Deft Stroke
August 06, 1985|JIM MURRAY

The pitch was right where it had to be--where, in fact, it always was. Not quite a strike, not quite a ball. Not quite fast, not quite off-speed. A sucker's pitch. The kind Rodney Cline Carew always got. Read more
The Minnesota Twins, in partnership with Twins' legend Rod Carew and his wife Rhonda, announced today the creation of a year-long campaign to raise funds for the American Heart Association, as well as raise awareness for heart disease and heart failure. View Site
Rod and Rhonda Carew want you to know the first step to living heart healthy is to know your risks – and how to reduce them. Live better with Life's Simple 7. Know your heart score. View Site