In life, and most certainly in baseball, losing is inevitable. In fact, most people would say that as humans we lose more often than we win. While that idea can seem discouraging, there can actually be quite a few benefits to losing. An article published by the Washington Post stated that losing in sports allows […]

The offseason is always an exciting time for baseball fans, namely because of the offseason trades and transfers that can make or break a baseball team in the following season.  Here are some of the most notable trades so far, be sure to keep an eye on them, whether they’re an addition to your team, […]

2021 – what a season! There were upsets, rising stars, and players who continue to play in top form. However, with so many games, so many teams, and even more players, it can be very easy to miss some players who had stellar seasons but flew under the radar for the most part. With that […]