BlogWhat You Need To Know About Baseball To Enjoy It, And Some Resources To Help

What You Need To Know About Baseball To Enjoy It, And Some Resources To Help

“Baseball is America’s pastime!” While we hear this phrase all the time, and I can personally attest to the fun of playing and watching baseball, I am also aware that many Americans do not necessarily share the same love of the game. However, in my optimistic opinion, these negative opinions are mainly just a result of not knowing what’s necessary to fully enjoy a game of baseball. That’s why, in an effort to bring in some potential new fans, I am focusing this blog on what pieces are important to know in order to truly understand and enjoy this wonderful sport. As an added resource, I will also be including some videos and people who might even be better than myself at explaining these things!

The Rules

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but having a proper understanding of the rules of any game or sport will help tremendously when it comes to enjoying both watching and playing it, and baseball is no exception. In fact, I would say (as someone who devoted his life to the game) that baseball actually has one of the more complicated sporting rulebooks out there. Fortunately for all, a popular sport that has been around a while tends to have plenty of people who know a heck of a lot about the rules, and they are kind enough to share that knowledge. See below for some videos that could come in handy:

Baseball Rules for Beginners | Easy Explanation

Baseball Explained in 5 Minutes

The History

Major League Baseball was founded in 1869, that’s a long time ago. The sport has lived through wars, depressions, civil rights movements and more. As such, it has a history all of its own, and this might come in handy when trying to develop a love for the game. In my opinion, knowing the history of anything naturally instills a deeper interest in that thing now. For you history buffs, or anyone wanting to learn more for the sake of discovering an interest in baseball, check out these videos:

Baseball: Explained for People Who Don’t Baseball

The Official History of Baseball, Volume 1 (1994) (This one is long, but very thorough)

The Rivalries

This one probably could tie into the history section, but nothing makes a baseball game more exciting than two rival teams going at it. Baseball is an old game, and so some of these teams have played hundreds and hundreds of games against one another, with some surprisingly close margins. My advice? Pick a team from a legendary rivalry to watch some exciting games.  Attached you will find two articles that reference both current and legendary rivalries in baseball:

7 Greatest Rivalries in Baseball

Baseball’s Best Rivals Right Now

The Currents and the Legends

Having a favorite baseball team is important, but having a favorite player is something else entirely. Like any sport, baseball has legends of the past that changed the game and broke records, as well as current players chasing their heels and setting records of their own. Here are a couple fun places to start in the hunt for your favorite players:


Top 10 Greatest Baseball Players Of All Time

5 Stories That Prove Babe Ruth WAS NOT HUMAN

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