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Former Major League Baseball (MLB) first baseman, second baseman and coach

Rod Carew


Merch & Memorabilia

Watching Rod Carew bat is like watching Bulova make a watch, DeBeers cut a diamond...Rod Carew doesn't make hits, he compose them.

Sportswriter Jim Murray

Some guys, I put myself in this category, have to snort and fume to get everything going, he's so smooth, he seems to be doing it without ever trying.

Baseball Player and Manager Ted Williams

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The Minnesota Twins, in partnership with Twins' legend Rod Carew and his wife Rhonda, announced today the creation of a year-long campaign to raise funds for the American Heart Association, as well as raise awareness for heart disease and heart failure.

Rod and Rhonda Carew want you to know the first step to living heart healthy is to know your risks – and how to reduce them. Live better with Life's Simple 7. Know your heart score.